About us

Originally meeting at university, Nick and Jack have since been working together for over 5 years.

Between Nick's mechatronics background and Jack's software development background, Kiwi Engineering has a broad range of skills to offer.

  • Software Engineering

    We are well versed in both cloud, traditional and embedded software.

    Our experience ranges from building products with large corporations (Microsoft, Amazon) through to smaller, one off projects.

  • Design

    We are capable in CAD design, and can help turn your ideas into real, workable designs.

  • Manufacturing

    We have a range of machinery on hand to help manufacture products, whether it's a large production run or a one off - we can help!


Nick and Jack are two members of the BattleBots team End Game. End Game has won two international BattleBots titles - the Giant Nut in 2020 and the Golden Bolt in 2021.