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Beetleweight Drum Robot Kit: EXILE

Beetleweight Drum Robot Kit: EXILE

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Jump straight into the competitive side of the field with an EXILE kit. This kit is based on a robot that has been competing in New Zealand for 2 years and has won multiple events.

EXILE sports a 6061 billet aluminium frame and a 321g S7 drum.

There are 3 options available, fully assembled, full kit, or only mechanical parts.

Kits are made to order and have 6 week lead time.


Mechanical parts only:

  • Billet 6061 Aluminium Frame (not anodised)
  • Billet S7 Drum, hardened
  • 2x Titanium Forks
  • 2x Titanium Shaft Retainers
  • Aluminium Drive Wheel Hubs
  • Drive Wheel Shafts
  • Drum Motor Mount
  • Drum Bearings
  • Drum Spacers
  • Top Cover

Additional parts (Assembled or Full Kit):

  • Weapon Motor
  • Weapon ESC
  • 2x Drive Motor
  • 2x Drive Motor ESC (The Brawn)
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter (Jumper T-Pro )
  • 3no Fingertech 30T Pulley
  • Fingertech 15T Pulley
  • Fingertech Belt (weapon)
  • 2no Fingertech Belt (drive)


Battery, must be smaller than 70x42x30mm - suggested: Maxamps, 1300mah

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