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Build & Fight | Team of Four | Public Events

Build & Fight | Team of Four | Public Events

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Gather your team (up to four!) for a day of robot building and friendly battles. Easy with our pre-programmed kits—no experience needed. Get tips from the pros, then unleash your bot in a real tournament against other teams. In the tournament, you'll battle and then learn to repair your robot—just like the pros on the TV show BattleBots!

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  • Saturday 6 April, 2024
  • Saturday 10 August, 2024
  • Saturday 19 October, 2024
  • Saturday 14 December, 2024

Time:        1pm - 8pm (with a break for dinner)
Location:  Robot Rampage Arena, 69F/A Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland

This is a special competition day where anyone can sign up to participate in building fighting robots from "kits". This is a great opportunity to get involved in the sport without the hassle of sourcing and fitting parts, as all necessary components are provided in the kit, which you’ll return at the end of the day. The competition starts in just a few hours, giving you the chance to build and fight on the same day.

To participate, you need to pay an entry fee ($199), which includes the kit for the day. You can bring up to three friends and compete as a team. The competition schedule starts at 1:00 pm with registration, followed by the build time starting at 1:30 pm. You’ll spend a few hours building, then have the first round of fights. We’ll have a quick break for dinner, then soar on through to the grand final.

During the build challenge, teams have three hours to design and build a fighting robot using the pre-built weapon assembly, drive motors and wheels, and battery and control unit included in the kit, along with assorted hardware and materials. Each team also has a set number of tokens to spend at the parts store to customize their robot with additional weapon, drive, and hardware options.

The fight challenge consists of a double elimination bracket, where teams will fight against each other until a winner is determined. Even eliminated teams can continue to fight for grudge matches. The referee will judge the two-minute fight if a winner is not determined by knockout.

It's important to note that robot fighting can be dangerous, so children are welcome, but must be supervised at all times. Spectators are also welcome - we recommend arriving around 4:00pm when the fight challenges begin.

Act quickly to secure your spot - only 10 kits are available per date! Gather your team members and sign up today.

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