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Corporate Event | Robot Fighting Tournament

Corporate Event | Robot Fighting Tournament

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Ditch the ordinary and elevate your corporate events with our unparalleled Robot Fighting Tournaments—a perfect blend of team-building excitement and entertaining celebration. Imagine your colleagues lounging around, savoring delicious bites, sipping drinks, and engaging in epic robot battles that will be the talk of the office for months to come.

🌐 Venue Flexibility: Choose to bring the robot action to your own turf or immerse your team in the thrill at our world-class venue. We offer custom packages tailored to your preferences, ensuring a laid-back yet exhilarating experience that aligns perfectly with your corporate goals. Travel cost of $100 for venues in Auckland. Get in touch for out-of-Auckland travel costs.

🤖 Robot Fighting Tournament: Transform your corporate event into an unforgettable experience by hosting a thrilling robot fighting tournament. Engage in epic battles and team-building challenges that will leave your colleagues talking for months. We bring the action to you or welcome you to our fantastic venue.

👥 Inclusive Fun: All team members, regardless of age, can be part of the excitement. Even spectators will have a blast cheering on the robotic mayhem. It's team building like never before!

💸 Pricing: $199 per hour with a minimum two-hour booking requirement. Elevate your corporate event with robotic thrills and create lasting memories for your team. Book your unique experience now and let the robot battles commence! 🤖🎉 #CorporateRobotRumble #TeamBuildingThrills

Leave a note with your preferred date & time for your fight, and we'll be in touch via email once you've ordered.

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