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End Game Driving Experience: Unleash Destruction on Your Terms!

End Game Driving Experience: Unleash Destruction on Your Terms!

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Step into the world of robot warfare like never before with our exclusive End Game Driving Experience! This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows you to take control of the mighty End Game, the heavyweight champion from BattleBots, and wreak havoc on a household product of your choice—say goodbye to that old washing machine in spectacular fashion!

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Opportunity: Be among the first to drive End Game, a privilege never offered before.
  • Destroy a Household Product: Choose your target, whether it's a washing machine, a small appliance, or another unsuspecting item.
  • Brand New Arena in New Zealand: Our state-of-the-art arena ensures a safe yet thrilling environment for your destructive adventure.
  • Professional Guidance: Receive expert guidance from the creators of End Game, ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience.
  • Two Years in the Making: Our brand new arena has been meticulously crafted over two years to provide the perfect setting for your robot rampage.

Note: While we are unable to safely spin up the weapon for this experience, rest assured that the pushing power of End Game is more than capable of delivering a thrilling and impactful destruction to your chosen household product. Your safety is our top priority, and our team will ensure you have an unforgettable yet secure adventure.

How It Works:

  1. Arrive at our cutting-edge arena in New Zealand.
  2. Receive a briefing and hands-on training with the End Game team.
  3. Strap into the driver's seat and take control of End Game.
  4. Drive End Game for an incredible 3 minutes, replicating the intensity of a real BattleBots fight!
  5. Choose your target and let the destruction begin!
  6. Capture the unforgettable moment with a video of your robot-driven mayhem.

    This exclusive End Game Driving Experience is perfect for thrill-seekers, BattleBots enthusiasts, and those looking for an adrenaline-packed adventure. Limited slots available—reserve your spot now for an experience that combines the power of robotics with the joy of controlled destruction! 🤖🚀 Let us know in the order notes your preferred date/time!

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