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Private Event | Robot Fighting Tournament

Private Event | Robot Fighting Tournament

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Step away from the ordinary and infuse your private events with excitement through our exclusive Robot Building and Fighting Extravaganza—a perfect fusion of camaraderie, creativity, and thrilling competition. Imagine your group coming together, designing, and building robots before plunging into epic battles that will be the talk of the gathering.

🌐 Venue Flexibility: Customize the experience for your private event, whether at your preferred location or our world-class venue. Our tailored packages ensure a laid-back yet exhilarating atmosphere. For venues in Auckland, a travel cost of $100 applies, and for out-of-Auckland, please get in touch for travel costs.

🤖 Robot Fighting Tournament: Turn your private event into an unforgettable adventure with a thrilling robot fighting tournament. Engage in epic battles that will leave your guests talking for months.

👥 Inclusive Fun for All Ages: From young enthusiasts to seasoned participants, all can immerse themselves in the excitement. Spectators will also enjoy cheering on the robotic mayhem, making it a truly inclusive experience.

💸 Pricing: Invest in creativity and competition with our affordable pricing—$199 per hour with a minimum two-hour booking requirement. Elevate your private event with the perfect blend of robotic thrills and group bonding. 

Leave a note with your preferred date and time for your private robot fighting adventure, and we'll reach out via email once you've placed your order.

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